At Hinkley Optometric, we strive to provide you with excellent customer service. Our staff is well trained to manage all of your needs. Meet our staff below.

Deborah Apodaca

Office Administrator

Deborah has over 25 years of experience in the world of optometry here in Modesto, CA. She has also served as President of the San Joaquin Optometric Assistants Association. We love her attention to detail and her strive towards patient satisfaction. Her varied interests range from music by Mel Tormé to The Beatles, all sports and wine tasting in Napa. However, relaxing time spent with her family, which include 4 beautiful grandchildren and her loveable Labrador "Bear" is what she enjoys the most.

    Dennis Carlisle


    Dennis works as one of our talented opticians. With over 40 years experience in the field, he provides our office and patients with great knowledge of frames, lenses, etc. He started back in 1969 working on a 5 year apprenticeship at a lab called Katz n Klien. He went on to receive his license in contact lenses and glasses and then worked for Kaiser for 20 years as their optical manager. Dennis has been a huge part of the Hinkley team for 2 years now. He loves the solitude of his yard and takes great pride in perfecting it. He also enjoys food, football, his four chihuahuas and his lovely wife.

      Erin Parreira

      Contact Lens Specialist & Frame Stylist

      Erin has been part of the Hinkley Optometric staff for 6 years. Not only is she the front desk receptionist and contact lens specialist, but also has just recently joined our team of talented Frame Stylist. Erin, who is a certified colorist, can perfectly match the right color frame for your specific skin tone. She takes great pride in her work and strives to exceed the expectations of our patients. She enjoys nothing more than to play with her 1 year old son and spending time with her family.

        Heather Smith

        Optician & Dr. Tech

        As the newest member to the Hinkley team, Heather not only works as an optician, but also as a Dr tech. Although she has only been with our office a short time she is extremely knowedgeable when it comes to vision. Starting at the young age of of 19, she has over 12 years experience in the world of optometry. Some of the locations she has worked at include, Lenscrafters, Pearl Vision, Family Vision Care, and Modesto Eye Center. She is extremely courteous and a patient pleaser. She is a big fan of baseball and cherishes the time she spends with her husband.

          Jennifer Keller

          Frame Stylist and Optician

          Jennifer is a dedicated employee of Hinkley Optometric with over 20 years of experience in the optical world. As one of our talented frame stylist and opticians, she specializes in frame and lens selections that are personalized for you and your lifestyle. Whether assisting patients in meeting their visual needs, or offering her knowledge and experience to her co-workers, Jennifer is always ready to provide outstanding service.

            Jessica Bristow

            Optometric Technician

            Jessica has been working for Hinkley Optometric since 2006. She is one of our Optometric Technicians and works in medical records; however, she is extremely versed in all aspects of the office. She is always eager to assist patients and more than willing to assist her coworkers wherever help is needed. As a newlywed, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

              Mendy Jackson

              Optical Supervisor

              With over 20 years experience in optometry, Mendy works as our optical supervisor here at Hinkley Optometric. Although currently working as a frame stylist in our office, she has done it all, including, pretesting, contact lens tech, and front desk receptionist. Mendy is extremely prompt and always courteous. On her personal time, she enjoys cooking and gardening. She also enjoys taking her dog, Bella, to the beach!

                Michelle Lopez

                Optometric Technician

                As a devoted employee of Hinkley Optometric, Michelle works as one of our Optometric Technicians. With over 20 years experience in the field of optometry, Michelle utilizes her knowledge and talent when assisting patients. She takes great pride in her work and whether dispensing or repairing your glasses, testing the health of your eyes, or preparing you for your eye examination, Michelle will be here ready to offer her services!

                  Tim Crews

                  Contact Lens Specialist

                  Tim has been working for Hinkley Optometric Corporation for over a year. Originally from Daly City, he relocated to Modesto 10 years ago. Tim is one of our very friendly and professional contact lens specialists. He goes the extra mile to help our patients and is versed in just about every aspect of the office. You will consider it a pleasure to meet him.

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